DISA, Media Flow and Ring Groups


I just installed Trixbox 2.4 (with FreePbx 2.3), was using 2.2 before, and just discovered that when an incoming caller uses DISA to dial a number the media flow is handed off to my IAX provider.

This means that no bandwidth is used on my side and that the call is completely handled by my provider afterwards.
I would like to know why the same thing does not happen when using a ring group that dials an external number (eg 2225551212#) ? How can I control the call transfer?

Thank you.

I think I found part of the answer - I was able to get it working using a “CUSTOM” extension and by removing the default dial command options. However with a ring group my Asterisk server stays in the media flow.

Any idea?

Take a look at your setting in the General Settings area. If you have enabled the option for recording, transfering ,etc. Then the server will stay in the missdle to monitor for those options. As you found out of you do a custom context that does not use the options it does not. So remove the options from the dialing options and it should not be a issue any more.

Thank you for your reply. The general settings were causing the problem for the “CUSTOM” extenxion by removing the options from the dialing options, however for a ring group it does not work. Is it possible that FreePbx handles ring groups in a way that prevents this from working?