DISA issues, hangs up after a number is dialed

Newb, trying to disclosed my IDs on here but I found out you can’t as there’s a history. So xxxxxxxx is in reality 806722.


In the settings for the Zadarma inbound trunk, what do you have for Match (Permit)? For Match Inbound Authentication?

Do you mean under trunks > pjsip Settings > general?

I have Outbound selected, as per zadarmas guide. I tried “both” and used IP authentication @ zadarma’s end but it didnt make a diff.

Hey mate,

In the meantime they responded to me.

That shows that the Match (Permit) field is probably not set properly. In the Advanced settings for your trunk, set Match (Permit) to,,,
Submit and Apply Config. Open the page again and confirm that the setting is still in place.
Then, check the contents of /etc/asterisk/pjsip.identify.conf again and the new address blocks should be there.

This should solve the ‘unknown peer’ issue.

Next, in response to Zadarma’s message, please confirm:
On the Codecs tab for the trunk, only alaw and ulaw should be checked. Uncheck all others.
On the Advanced tab, set Media Encryption to None.

Restest. If you still have trouble, post a new log, with pjsip logger turned on.


You rock mate.

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