DISA does not signal connected?

Hello All,

I have setup an incoming DID number to point directly to a DISA. The DISA is not asking for a PIN (I want to verify caller by their CID).

The thing works fine, I call from my mobile, get the DISA dialtone, press DTMF buttons, and I can dial through just as if I was using the Asterisk from an internal phone. Fine.

But. I would like to store some numbers in my Nokia E51/E71 phonebook so that it dials the DID then sends the DTMF automatically. Example: +44XXXXXXXXXp1234
My Nokias dial my DID, I can hear the DISA, but the phones will NOT send the DTMF automatically at all. But I can send DTMF manually… It looks to me that the GSM phone does not realize that the call is actually connected, so it will never proceed to sending the part after the p or w symbol.

Any ideas?