DISA and Follow Me

I have a small office set up (myself and a secretary) and if a day my secretary and I both are not in office, I would like to pick up my cellphone, use DISA and turn on follow me so that all calls are routed to my cell phone. I have tried:

i.e. Setup a DISA on an inbound DID

  • Call the DID, log into the DISA
  • Dial *72
  • System will say “What extension do you want to forward?”
  • Person dials their extension (say 222)
  • System says “What do you want it forwarded to”
  • Person dials their cell number.


but to no avail…when I dial my pin I get an internal dial tone however when I hit *72, I get a fast busy tone instead of “What extension do you want to forward?”

Any help will be appreciated!

You need to use a call flow toggle for this. Take a look at that module.