I recently upgraded from FreePBX Framework 2.9.x to and my FAC code ‘#’ disappeared. I added ‘Phonebook Directory by FreePBX’ but after installing it I find no new FAC or menu item so though it is supposedly installed and running, I don’t see how it works.
I also found ‘Directory by’ and once that was installed I have the ability to access the directory via IVR again. It still didn’t replace the FAC of # nor do I see a polite way to allow users to access the directory from their phone.

My questions are:

  1. How do I enable my internal users to dial # to access the directory again?
  2. Where can I find release notes? I used to be able to get info from clicking through the module admin but most links seem to go to blank pages now. Is this a bug or is there just no published documentation?

the tool tips should still work

as far as the directory feature code going away, it did disappear kind of quietly because it was mostly broken and was suppose to have gone away some time ago.

To do directories now, you use the Directory module as you pointed out. If you want to have a feature code available for your users to dial the directory, you can use the Misc Application module to create a feature code to any destination. Using ‘#’ for the directory was never ideal for lots of reasons so you may want to look at picking a more appropriate feature code.

Once you’ve defined a feature code with the Misc Applications module it will also appear in the FC Amin screen where you can manage it like all other feature codes.

I hope that helps.

First, thank you for the quick response. I was able to use Misc. Applications and get it working like it was…after I installed Misc. Applications.

The tooltips problem I’m having shows it’s ugly head on the ‘directory’ module by Through module admin I get “No description is available.” There is a link to “More info: Get help for Directory” but it takes me to a page that says “No Additional Help Topics Found, Other Documentation Available:”. While this module was relatively easy to figure out (I think), it seems I get this message more often than not. I’m probably the exception to the rule - I’d rather go read the manual than bug people for answers on forums.