Directory - XML Issue

We had to restore a physical PBX system the other week ( and now we seem to be having issues with the Directory XMl script.

User cannot view the directory or when they try to forward a voicemail through the Voicemail XML the directory is empty there too.

Any thoughts?

Our restore process

Install FreePBX 2.11 Distro on a VM
Ran a script to downgrade the FreePBX version to 2.9 (
Using backup manager restored from a backup
Upgraded back to 2.11 using the upgrade tool inside module admin
Tested extensions, IVR, and voicemails
Installed 2.11 on the physical Server
Ran Backup on manager on physical server to do a direct SSH backup and restore of the VM.
Installed aastra xml scripts (yum install aastra-xml-scripts*)
ran setup-aastra-XML and did the basic configuration
Did a factory default and Local settings wipe on the phones
Pointed phones to the server
Log in on the phones.

I don’t think you backed up /var/cache/aastra

I would log all the phones out. Make sure you have your customizations in PRF file then regenerage the PRF’s and have the users log back on. This will recreate the Aastra data structures.

Ok, newbie question where is the PRF files and how do I regenerate?