Directory: Voicemail, Text to Speech, Spell Name - priority order


I wonder if I’m missing something and crave your indulgence…

In terms of which items are the best to choose at any time. It is my personal view that the order in the Subject line would be best. however, I see that if I select Voicemail (as that is the best option if available) and there is no recording for a particular extension, I would have thought TTS would be a better fall-back rather than Spell (if installed on the system).

Am I missing something? Is there a way of doing this? What do others do on real systems?

Happy Valentines to all! :slight_smile:

I would like to make use of this in my solution, however, it seems hard to appreciate the name from listening to the spell option.

Is my idea out of order?
Should I ask nicely somewhere else?
Am I missing a trick with the current setup?


Does nobody else use this directory lark? Just curious what others do on their systems.