Directory not using VM Greeting, spells name only

Hi, I’ve got my directory set to use “Voicemail Greeting” but it will only spell the name. I’ve recorded greetings for options 1-3 in the mailbox I’m testing. When getting into the mailbox, it plays the option 1 greeting as expected.

Where is “Voicemail Greeting” recorded so it can be used? I’m assuming I can have it play the users recorded name?

It should use the recorded name, which is under Mailbox Options (0), Record Your Name (3) in the comedian mail prompts. You might want to watch the asterisk console output while you select the test name to see if there’s some problem accessing the recording…

Looks OK, here’s the log, it starts playing the letters right after:

2016-01-27 19:26:47] VERBOSE[41396][C-0000003e] pbx.c: Goto (directory,1,1)
[2016-01-27 19:26:47] VERBOSE[41396][C-0000003e] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:1] Answer(“SIP/voipms_ny4_mabos-00000037”, “”) in new stack
[2016-01-27 19:26:47] VERBOSE[41396][C-0000003e] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:2] Wait(“SIP/voipms_ny4_mabos-00000037”, “1”) in new stack
[2016-01-27 19:26:48] VERBOSE[41396][C-0000003e] pbx.c: Executing [[email protected]:3] AGI(“SIP/voipms_ny4_mabos-00000037”, “directory.agi,dir=1,retivr=true”) in new stack
[2016-01-27 19:26:48] VERBOSE[41396][C-0000003e] res_agi.c: Launched AGI Script /var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/directory.agi
[2016-01-27 19:26:48] VERBOSE[41396][C-0000003e] file.c: <SIP/voipms_ny4_mabos-00000037> Playing ‘cdir-welcome.slin’ (language ‘en’)
[2016-01-27 19:26:51] VERBOSE[41396][C-0000003e] res_agi.c: <SIP/voipms_ny4_mabos-00000037> Playing ‘silence/1.ulaw’ (escape_digits=1234567890#) (sample_offset 0) (language ‘en’)

No idea why, but it just started working. I did nothing.