Directory module speech engine

I have separately tested “Directory” & “Google TTS” (Text to Speech) both are working well.
My question is how to use Google TTS for Directory instead of default flite speech engine?

When Directory return with several results, caller can press # for the list of extension and flite will read the extension’s name for them, but flite speech is too strange.

I found Microsoft Bing speech is better than Google.
Anyone have the idea to use either Google or Bing as Directory speech engine?

Link for reference: (tested ok for text to speech) (tested not working)

Anecdotally , for TTS I find IBM to have the best quality, but I find Google to have much better parsing of things like phone-numbers (guess which one I use :wink: ), sorry won’t/can’t/don’t do micro$oft, STT is always mixed (I have a non american ‘accent’, many others do also)

micro$oft Haha I got you
I’m not expert in programming, currently I can only stick in Google TTS

However, I have an user named "Jason Kek" – wrongly pronounce – Correctly pronounce

It doesn’t seem people have the “RIGHT” answer for the question. Jeff asked how to apply the googleTTS engine to directory module. I want to know too.

People seem to compare the TTS engine here.

Look at directory pro. It’s in our module repositories online and it’s open sourced from a commercial module we released back in 2008 when lumenvox was all the rage. You could rewrite it to use any tts engine you want.

I just do work around. I use pre-record announcement instead of TTS. Working perfect now.

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