Directory Module: Directory Entries Very Difficult to Read

I’m having a bear of time adding users to a directory. I have approx. 100 extensions setup many of which are in classrooms or common areas that I don’t want accessible from the IVR when a caller presses the # key.

The problem is that color used for the “Name” and “Dial” textboxes on Directory Module is a very light gray (#CCC) making it all but impossible to see what values the text boxes contain. Here’s what it look’s like in Firefox. The color is set in CSS so it pretty much looks the same in all browsers.

Also, it’s possible to add the same user multiple times, which given that it’s almost impossible to see any of the contact names, is very likely to happen. Is there another way to add or import users into the directory?

As a work around I’m using FireFox developer mode to disable color property of the .dpt-title CSS class selector so I can read the text.

Bug report submitted.

The greyed out entires mean they are linked to the extension so if the extension changes the name it will update the name in the Directory module.

The fact that they are grayed out isn’t the issue. The issue is the with the color that’s being used (#ccc)–it’s so light that the entries are all but impossible to see. And if you can’t see them it’s impossible to see what extension they are linked to.

Have a look at the image attached to the first post for an example of how difficult the text is to read.