Directory module deprecated?

I’ve been reading up on the differences between the Directory module and the Phonebook Directory module, and decided I very much preferred the Directory module (due to the ability to dial by last name, as well as it using the user’s recorded name instead of spelling it out). I added a Misc Application, gave it a code, and selected Directory from the Drop Down (note: I had to add the module under Module Admin before I could do so). This seemed to work fine, so I added it to my IVR. Now I’m seeing an error message in my FreePBX System Status:

“There are 1 IVRs that have the legacy Directory dialing enabled. This has been deprecated and will be removed from future releases. You should convert your IVRs to use the Directory module for this functionality and assign an IVR destination to a desired Directory. You can install the Directory module from the Online Module Repository”

I’ve got all repositories on, and I’m only seeing one “Directory” module listed (I’m not counting the “Phonebook Directory” one, which should be separate from this as far as I can tell). So I’m a bit confused… Is this module deprecated? And if so, what should I be using instead?

I’m on core version and Directory version

Thank you!