Directory Module

FreePBX 2.8 Asterisk 1.4

Question on the FreePBX directory module

I noticed for the forth time now I get Dahdi channels stuck in a loop with no one connected to the channel. I think the person hangs up and that’s how it goes into a loop. As I record what is being played on that channel its the directory saying press 1 for this person, press 2 for this person.

I know there were some bugs with this module but is this a new bug anyone has seen?

I use a 8 port Rhino analog card as well.


Well I have tried to duplicate the problem and I can not. The funny thing is it was doing the same thing on 2 channels. It was going on for 5+ minutes.


sounds like it may be a bug.

If you can repro the problem, you can file a ticket.

I believe the module should eventually timeout, if it is not timing out, that would be a bug. However, make sure that the channel is really getting hung up. If it’s the Rhino card keeping the channel open, or simply the phone line remaining open for a 1/2 a minute or so like analog lines will do if the caller calls and then hangs up, then it is doing what it is suppose to do.