Directory always sends to "Invalid Destination"


I have a client who’s directory seems to be working until a caller tries to “press 101 for blah blah” as described in the audio recording.
If the caller presses any of the listed extensions (101, 102, etc.) they will always get sent to what is defined in under Invalid Destination. If the caller presses a random number not in the 100x list, it repeats the audio recording as designed.
I’ve tested adding and removing a new extension with no luck. I changed the destination of the Invalid Destination with success, which tells me any calls that try to press 100x will go to the defined Invalid Destination.
Any advice or suggestions are appreciated.

Please provide a call trace via pastebin.

Please also share a screenshot of the IVR config as well as the FreePBX and IVR module version.

Hey PitzKey,

I’m looking for where a call trace log would be located. I’m fairly new to FreePBX and the documentation I see online does not match the dashboard that I’m working on. If you can point to a KB or webpage on pulling a call trace file I’d be happy to try that now, otherwise I’ll root around until I can come up with something. I don’t have IVR in use, but I’ve added a screenshot that may also help clear up if I’m using a different dashboard than expected.
My System admin says I’m using:
PBX Version:
PBX Distro:12.7.8-2208-2.sng7
Asterisk Version:18.14.0

Thanks for replying.

Normally, “press 101 for blah blah” would be done in an IVR. In what module have you configured this setup?

See wiki how to obtain logs

The pastebin piping is broken, so you can just copy/paste to

The Directory module != IVR module. These are two different things and they both would require input.

We switched from Directory to IVR and everything seems to be working! Thanks for pointing us in the right direction.

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