Directmedia/canreinvite and directrtpsetup

I’m using FreePBX 12 and Asterisk 11 and I’m struggling in setting up my system to bypass Asterisk for RTP packets.
I’ve enabled “canreinvite” settings and disabled NAT settings both in extensions and SIP config, but this seems not to work. Any pointers on how to setup this?
I have some more questions regarding to this issue.
The “canreinvite” keyword was renamed to “directmedia” in Asterisk 1.6.2 but I’ve noticed that FreePBX still uses the older syntax. Is the old keyword still supported in Asterisk 11?
In the FreePBX GUI I don’t see a place to set “directrtpsetup”. The only way to set this is to use the “Other SIP Settings” in Chan SIP config section?
José Gonçalves

I was able to setup peer-to-peer RTP with the info supplied in this article:

Peer to Peer communication in FreePBX

I think this info deserves to be imported to the FreePBX Wiki.