Directly Call Number with Extension

Is it possible to directly call someone with the Ext. included?

So for example my number would be 1 800 5000. And My ext is 212.
So is it possible that someone from outside calls 1 800 5000 212 to get directly to me?
Or do I need to setup a IVR with “Call Direct Ext”?

I believe it is not possible since I only own numbers from 1 800 5000 0 - 1 800 5000 10 to do that but I would be happy if someone could clarify that. Thanks!

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You need to own the numbers in order to do that, you can’t hijack someone else’s numbers…

That said, if you own the number it’s very easy to do…

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You can do it for specific caller ids.
If you want a caller with a outside number xxx calls your outside number, your ext. rings.

in inbound route fill the “CallerID Number” with a “outside number xxx” and “Set Destination” with your ext.

when a “outside number xxx” calls your outside number, your ext. rings directly.

in inbound routes, you can set call ids as many as you want

In which format do I need to make this for the inbound route?
I tried adding my external number to the caller id and make it forward to my extension.
However it does not seem to be working, I always get onto our IVR.

I have a German Call number, how do I need to format that?
I tried directly: 09131xxxxx
Then I did: 499131xxxx
And I tried 00499131xxx all not working :confused:

Or do I also need to fill in the DID?

And putting them as DID number in the Inbound Route seems to be not working, too.

add a new inbound route;

fill the other blanks as normal, then,
set the destination, as your ext.

and as a result, if a caller lets say number “a”, calls your number lets say “b” it goes to your ext. directly.

you can add more inbound routes for every different caller number one at a time, that you want to call you directly.

the important thing is;
fill the did and the cid number as you see in the cdr; “exact format”

if you see; 0049… fill it like that

That does not work properly.
While calling 09131xxxx1 I still get on my IVR but not to my ext.

Here is my CDR Information:

I can not see your cdr details as it is too small.

Did number and the Cid number must be real numbers; you will write the exact number.
DO NOT add any more numbers or extensions at the end of your cid or did number.

you can check like this:
in inbound routes write your did number (assigned by your operator) in “Did Number” Section; and write your cell number (as seen in cdr) in “CallerID Number” Section set destination as your extension, submit, apply changes. And call your Did number with your cell phone; your extension must ring, directly.
if NOT;

Can you simulate and then send me the asterisk log file, please.

which log file exactly do you need?

Seems to be working at the moment - don’t ask me why but using 499… was doing the job, however it is not doing it for the “main” number… But I have both now working, so i will do some more testing on this.
Thanks for the help anyway :)!