Directing network traffic to different FreePBX instances using one WAN

Ok the title might not be the best but let me explain. Right now I have one server at my office that’s running one instance of FreePBX that only one remote client needs to connect to. All I do is have ports 5060 and 10000-20000 forwarded to the LAN IP that is assigned to that server, the clients phones point to my WAN and it works great. All of my other clients have the servers at their offices so no real networking config is required.

In the very near future I plan on moving all of my clients FreePBX instances into my office for various reasons. I will be using Proxmox to run VMs that contain each FreePBX instance. My question is how would I direct each one of my clients to the LAN IP address that is assigned to their FreePBX instance if all I have is one WAN? I’m using a network bridge to connect Proxmox’s internal LAN to the rest of my network. I’m not that great at networking so the help is much appreciated.

I know that this is more of a networking question rather than a FreePBX question but I thought this would be the best place to get a direct answer.

Without knowing what I’m talking about, I’d probably start with an Session Border Controller. There are salesmen here that can help you with that. There are even users (like @dicko perhaps) that may be able to give you some pointers.

Unless you have a plethora of IP addresses available on your WAN and you are working with just one IP , you will need to proxy both your HTTP(s) and SIP traffic to the correct machine. I would suggest an nginx reverse proxy for Web traffic and kamailio/dsiprouter for SIP deployed as separate VM’s on your proxmoxbox , likely you will need to compartmentalize your RDP ports and arrange for correct forwarding in your firewall if you don’t have kamailio proxying the media too. A lot of moving parts here and being not 'not that great with networking ’ needs be true :slight_smile:

If you have sufficient IP addresses available on your WAN interface, then just simple NAT rules on the proxmoxbox is all you need.

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@dicko I do have plenty of IP space available on my WAN. So if I’m understanding correctly, I would just forward the ports 5060 and 10000-20000 to my proxmoxbox and then use Proxmox NAT rules to direct traffic to LAN addresses.

Individually by each WAN IP to each VM should work. But one-to-one NAT rules make it unnecessary on the port rules.

Perhaps multiple vmbr’s and just routing probably cleaner, then the VM’s can maintain their external IP’s and external extensions would traverse easier to their designated VM

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