Directing incoming calls from one extension to another and then to voicemail?

I have several extensions and I have set the Inbound Route that way, that when I receive a call from USB dongle (with SIM card), it is directed to extension 7000.

Now I would like that extension 7000 rings let’s say 5 times and after that, extension number 1000 also starts to ring. If extension number 7000 is not available, i. e. offline (or busy), call is also redirected to extension number 1000.

But if extension number 1000 is not available, i. e. offline (or busy), call is directed to voice mail of extension 1000.

I tried to do that with Find Me/Follow Me, but is is not working as I expected…

What I did?

Under Extension I edited extension number 7000 and selected Find Me/Follow Me (I selected Enabled (Yes)). Then under Follow-Me List I added extension number 1000 (so I have 7000 and 1000).

Extension number 1000 has voice mail activated and extension number 7000 does not.

What is happening?

  1. If 7000 is online and someone initiates the call, 7000 starts ringing, and after 2 rings (rings heard by the caller) 1000 also starts ringing. I can pick up any of these extensions. This is fine (although, I don’t know where to change the number of rings).

  2. If 7000 is OFFLINE and someone initiates the call, the caller can hear ringing, and after 2 rings, extension 1000 also starts ringing.

  3. If 7000 AND 1000 are both OFFLINE and someone initiates the call, the caller can hear 2 rings, and after that, the call is simply disconnected and not directed to voicemail.

Any idea how to solve this problem? Many thanks!

Set up a ring group with x7000 on it. Destination of no answer will be x1000. If x1000 does not pick up it will end in it’s VM.

OK, just a little bit more detailed solution:

Applications → Ring Groups
Ring-Group Number: 5000 (should be non existing extension, if not, it will alert you)
Group Description: Redirection to me
Extension List: 7000, 1000, 3000 (extensions that will ring simultaneously)
Ring Time: 25 seconds for instance (4-5 seconds to a ring, that means it will ring 5 times)
Ignore CF Settings: YES
Destination if no answer: Voilcemail → 1000 (Unavailable Message)

Connectivity → Inbound Routes
Set Destination: Ring Groups → 5000

Video description I found: FreePBX 101 v14 Part 18 - Ring Groups - YouTube

That is essentially what I said. Nice.

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