Directed pickup on ringgroup from IVR

Hi, the problem I have is that when an incoming call from SIP trunk goes through IVR and a ringgroup, if I try to direct pickup one of the extensions ringing, it picks up and hangs up after less than a second.

Everything else works, I can pickup a ringing extension if it goes directly to the ringgroup, also if it goes to IVR and directly to the extension instead of a ringgroup, etc.

The problem occurs when all the following are true :

  • The call comes in an inbound route from a SIP trunk
  • It then goes to an IVR
  • It then goes to a ringgroup

I verbosed a call with the problem and without (directly to ringgroup bypassing the IVR) and both had the same lines and results, only the call with a problem hangs up on its own and the successful call hangs up when one party hangs up.

I tried :

  • Using PickupChan() instead of Pickup(), same problem
  • Made sure reinvite is set to no for every extension and trunk
  • Checking the allow pickup in the ringgroup settings, same problem

So here I am, I can’t find a solution online and I’ve been at this for days.

Does anyone have an idea?

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