"Directed Call Pickup" is not working with different custom context?

“Directed Call Pickup” is not working with different custom context?
Ext 100 with custom context "intercom"
Ext 101 with custom context “std”

When i try to pickup call with the feature code of “Directed Call Pickup”, its not working.
But “Asterisk General Call Pickup(*8)” is working fine.

Pls help us :pensive:

Hi Lal,

What sort of phones are you using?

Whats your dial string your using for Directed Call Pickup?

Thank for your reply,
We are using grandstream 1400 & 1450

And i changed default directed call pickup string from “**(double star)” to “*7(star seven”, its working with same custom context.

Any solution?
Pls help us…

What I generally do is change Directed Call Pickup to *8 and General Call Pickup to **. Users find the later so much easier to remember.

Happy to look at Custom Context, just post up what you’ve got set within there, as its a complicated beast!