Directed Call Pickup - Declined


I have a system that is currently live that no longer accepts directed call pickup. The feature code for DCP is still **, but when a BLF line button is pressed (Cisco or Yealink), the screen says “Declined” when trying to answer someone’s phone at the phone attendant. I checked the modules and everything looks good there too… I compared to a system that can run a DCP with the same model phones and nothing out of the ordinary stands out.

Also, inbound calls go from a DID to a ring group. I am trying to DCP a ringing extension in the ring group. I can DCP on other systems running FreePBX and Asterisk, but this current system, also running and the FreePBX distro, does not work.

I also see nothing in the logs that gives any information relevant, but if I can help with further information, I’d be glad to.

Best Regards