Direct Voicemail Access Using CellPhone Caller ID

Is there a way to get freepbx to associate a inbound caller id to a specific mailbox so when you call in from that callerid it goes directly to that voicemail box? Now if I call in on my cell, I have a special destination setup to dial *97 but it doesn’t behave the same as dialing *97 from the actual extension. It requests my mailbox number. So I need to associate my cellphone number to my mailbox number so when I *97 it goes directly to the right voicemail box without me inputing the mailbox number.

Why don’t you just setup an inbound route with your cell phone’s caller ID (CLID) and point the destination to your extension’s voicemail. Then just hit ‘*’ when you hear your voicemail and you are in…


Thanks for your reply. That might not work for my solution because I actually already have a *98 setup for a misc destination on an inbound route tied to the cell cid. But it reminded me that I could do a misc destination command like *98+extensionnumber. So if my extension is 1001 it would be *981001 which would ask me for the password without the mailbox number. Only problem is if I set that up for all 50 people in my company then it will be 50 different misc destinations. I wonder if there is a way to reduce that using variables or some other method so I don’t have to do it 50 or more times.

Sorry, then I am unsure of what you are trying to do here - I thought you wanted to have immediate access to your voicemail when calling from your cell phone.

Are you trying to avoid people having to type in their extension numbers?
Are you just looking for generic access to voicemail?

Is there a pettern to everyone’s cell phone nubers that you could make use of, otherwise I don’t see how you would be able to do what you want without defining rules for every number?

And why are you creating misc. destinations instead of directing straight to their voicemail through the inbound route selection?

If you go straight to voicemail from the inbound route selection you will hear the voicemail greeting. I don’t want that. I am trying to setup direct voicemail retrieval based on the callerid where you just get prompted for your password. This can be accomplished if you use a misc destination in the inbound route selection. You can tell it to go directly to the voicemail retrieval ivr menu and bypass pressing * and/or entering a mailbox number. It will just prompt you for your password. There has to be a way to do one command to accomplish this for all the cellphones we have instead of doing 50 seperate misc destinations. That’s what I am looking for. Sorry if I didn’t explain it better before.

I have a better understanding of what you want to do, but I still don’t see how you are going to relate everyone’s cell phone numbers with their extension unless there is some type of mapping going on or if they are in a logical sequence.