Direct transfer to voicemail (Polycom and Cisco)

We are running FreePBX distro 1.814.210.58-2 and will be moving to 4.211.64-5 soon. We have Polycom 330/335/650/550/5000/6000/7000 phones and some Cisco 7940/7960 phones.

Someone has requested to be able to transfer an active call to voicemail. I searched around and found some other posts with the same question, our prefix is set to * and my Polycom digitplan is below.


I tried adding *xxxx and *xx.T but they did not work. We use 4 digit extensions, 2xxx-9xxx.

Can anyone help with getting that working?

Are you using the transfer button and then dialing *xxxx?

Ya, yesterday I was testing with someone else. I called him, then hit transfer but when I press * then another 4 digit extension it doesn’t seem to work.

Please provide the exact steps you tried.


  1. Transfer button
  2. Dial *xxxx
  3. Hit the SEND button or what ever it is on the model of phone you are using
  4. Hit Transfer button

##*xxxx# should work too.

If I press # I get a fast busy and it hangs up.

When I press * it says enter more digits, so I dial xxxx then press the dial button then it goes and rings and if I press transfer the other person hears the ringing.

if I dial **xxxx it will go to their voicemail directly but its pretty fast and I get the recording before the transfer happens.

BTW I currently don’t have the *xxxx and *xx.T in my dial plan as I removed it after it seemed to not work.