Direct to Voicemail sends call back to caller

Freepbx version asterisk version 13.14.0

There is approximately 40 phones in the system. Here is a scenario:

  1. Extension 300 dials 117 the phone rings and then his call goes to 117 voicemail box All good.
  2. Extension 300 dials *117, he immediately gets the message that extension 300 is unavailable, and to leave a message.
  3. Extension 300 dials *109, he gets the voicemail for 109.

There are several instances like #2 above with different extensions. The phones are not in DND, not forwarded. There is no FindMe FollowMe setup. I can find no differences in the programming from extension 117 to 109.

I might delete the mailbox and start over with it, unless someone has an idea…


Logs will tell you exactly what’s happening. /var/log/asterisk/full