Direct SIP insert into database doesn't work


Wenn i make an user with freebpx it will work fine but i want to automaticly insert into the database without the need of pushing the sip with freebpx submit button.

Wenn i insert de settings in de database (the database that freepbx uses) and i do the command /var/lib/asterisk/bin/module_admin reload on the server the user can login with eyebeam for example. The user can call everybody but everyone that get the call from this person wil see “Device” is calling and not the person who is really calling.

Also no one can call the person back.

Wenn i go to freebpx and click on the extensions and click that user and do submit and reload it works fine. But freebpx changes his name to connect in his number. Like his name is peter and his number to call is 100. We want to connect with his name and not number. But wenn we click submit freebpx is changing the name to his number so we have to edit that in de database en do the reload commando and it works fine!

Now my question is. Is there a commando that i can use what works fine without needing the submit butten from freebpx and edit the database en reload.

Thank you for your time and i am really happy if someone knows this so we can automaticly make new users!

Inserting directly into the database is highly frowned upon. As creating a new extension inserts data into more then that one table.

If you really want to see how to do it take a look at the bulk import module. then issue a http put command to trip the apply changes.

This has been talked about if you go looking for the postings on how to bulk import or bulk input extensions.