Direct Pickup No Longer Working after Upgrade

I recently (last night) upgraded a FreePBX 14 with Asterisk 13 deployment to FreePBX 15 with Asterisk 16 using the Version Upgrade module and asterisk-version-switch. I also upgraded all of my Sangoma phones (7 s705’s and 13 s505’s) to the latest 1.61 firmware. After the upgrades, direct pickup of another extension no longer works. Before, if an extension was ringing, a different endpoint could pick up the call by simply pressing their BLF key for the extension that was ringing. This is no longer working. Is this simply a feature/setting change in FreePBX 15, or is there a bug or issue causing this. When I initially setup this FreePBX 14 deployment back in August last year, I did not have to configure anything for the direct pickup to work.

Thanks for any and all help!


Hi @kevinm207

Send Pickup Code on Refer option should be set to 1 by default to direct pickup the call using BLF key but currently its setting to 0 so the call direct pickup with BLF is not working its a bug with FreePBX 15.

You can try to edit the basefile and set “P24887” pcode value to 1 and rebuild the phone config and the issue should be fixed.

When will this bug be fixed in the upgrade module? I haven’t upgraded yet as I only have a production unit, no test unit. We use that feature pretty often so I don’t want to lose it but I don’t have the expertise to “edit the basefile and set “P24887” pcode value to 1”, whatever that means.


I was able to follow the instructions in the wiki to change this pcode value. I changed the value on one template first as a test, and it was a success! I will fix this on the rest of the templates after hours tonight.

@cdsJerryw here is the article I followed to resolve this issue:

Since we’re on the topic, are there any other known bugs in the Version Upgrade Module that you’re aware of?

Thank you for the help Sandesh!


Glad someone made a post on here. I had that issue with our phones here and wasn’t sure how to fix that. Making the change to the P value above fixed it for my s705.

I have some Yealinks that we’re having the opposite issue with. On the speedials, they are adding some extra digits after dialing. This may be due to the latest Yealink firmware, which I have as I’ll post an update to this thread if I find a similar basefile edit for the Yealinks.


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