Direct Pickup **Ext does not work with ring group

We have a strange problem with Parking and ability to pick up the call when it returns to the origin by another person in the office.

I have tested this with different scenarios and have narrowed the problem down.

Call comes into the IVR. Caller dials zero and goes into ring group 601. An extension 101 in ringgroup picks up the call. Parks the call makes the announcement. After 90 seconds when no one picks up the call, it returns to the origin (ext. 101). If the operator is not at the desk other users want to be able to pick up the call, they hear her extension ringing. They dial **101 and get a “declined” error.

Call comes into IVR. The caller dials extension 101 directly. The operator picks up the call and parks it. The call comes back to the operator because no one picks up the parked call. Other users can dial **101 and are able to pick up the call.

I changed the IVR so that dialing zero goes directly to extension 101 instead of ring group 601. When the operator parks the call and it returns to her, other users in the office can pick up the call by **101.

It seems like only when the call goes into the ring group 601 and it is parked and when it returns, no one can pick up that call by **101. They get a “declined” error.

I am not sure if this is a bug or how I can resolve this issue. I have searched everywhere and am not an Asterisk / FreePBX expert by any means. I found this post which kind of sounds like what is happening in my case but have no idea how to fix my problem. If someone can provide some help, I would really appreciate it.

our version.
Asterisk Ver:
Freepbx 2.11

Can someone really help me out on this issue. I have really been looking for a valid solution for this.

I think that is because of the way Asterisk handles parked calls context.

Not sure. I would define a pickup group for that extension. That should work.