Direct inward dial did

Dear All,

Can someone explain how to setup DID please? Is it enough to simply enter the expected number under the DID section of the extension setup page or does one need to do more?

Currently I have setup one inbound rule with no DID or CID set where all calls are sent to one extenstion that is ext 110. Without this rule no calls where being received. I have also tried creating new inbound rules where each inbound number has its own rule with a different DID filled in and routed to a different extension but this didn’t work out either.

I would appreciate a heads up on where to look in order to solve this.


Check your logs to see how the DID is being handed to you.

Most of the time (in the US, anyway) it’s the last 4 digits, but this is changing and some providers will hand you 7 or even the full 10 digits. You can usually specify what you want, too. Regardless, your route needs to match what they’re sending you for it to work.

Thanks for the reply.

Can you tell me where I should look pleas?