Direct dial from queue after announcement


Trying to get a direct dial option to work when dialing into a queue after announcement plays.

After the announcement, according to: Allow extension dialing during opening announcement?

I should be able to direct dial an extension while in the queue?

When I dial after the announcement, nothing happens. Music on hold keeps playing.

So, then I tried an IVR breakout with direct dial enabled. Now when I dial after the queue announcement, it acts as though I have entered an invalid response when dialing the extension. If I dial the extension again, while still in queue, it dials the extension just fine. Keep in mind this is still in queue.

When the IVR breakout occurs, the same thing happens. Dial the extension, I get the “we have not received a valid response.” Then I dial the extension again and it rings through.

It’s probably some trivial combination of mistakes?

Asterisk 16.9.0

Perhaps someone has done this without difficulty? It seems so simple.

Dial the DID, route to queue, play announcement that includes “If you know your parties extension, please dial it now.”

Thanks in advance.

The post you linked is literally a decade old, FreePBX and Asterisk are not the same as a decade ago…

The IVR breakout is designed to allow callers to exit a queue, for example, to leave a voicemail or request a callback etc.

As mentioned in that post you linked, the best option would be to have a pre IVR which plays the ‘if you know your parties extension you nay dial it now, otherwise please wait for the next available rep’ with a 0 second timeout to the queue.

Thank you for your reply. I was hard pressed to find any other information on this topic. Thus, the reason for this post.

As suggested, I built the pre IVR and set the timeout value to 0 and the timeout destination to the queue.

After it plays the initial announcement in the IVR, it goes to dead air and then I get “we have not received a valid response” and back to dead air.

Perhaps that is the “timeout retries” that is messing it up…

So, with the following settings, it works… The problem is there is a long pause after the initial greeting plays before going to the queue. About 5 seconds.

Fixed. The timeout needs to be set to 1 to avoid the delay. Seems that no one really has answers for this topic. Which I believed to be a common feature.

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