Direct call to ring group


i have a voip in number that is forwarded to a sip account
when i setup [email protected] will it works fine

i have created a working ringgroup called 100
when i forwarded the number to [email protected] it wil not work

i recive the line bellow in the logfile

Executing [[email protected]ernal:1] NoOp(“SIP/anonymous.invalid-00000122”, “Received incoming SIP connection from unknown peer to 100”) in new stack

when i call from a internal line to 100 it will work fine

is there a solution to let this work
the number they call from outside may change to something else
as long as it is in the format [email protected]

You need a trunk for the peer with context set to from-trunk and an inbound route for 100


thanks for the answer
correct me if i am wrong

at the provider side i can only setup forward to sip (or something like iax)
from my side is it not posible to logon by the provider

so in my opinion is it not posible to create a inbound route

I have a solution

create a account 999 and add follow me settings
select to ring 1 second the follow me
at Destination if no answer: select the ring group