Dilemma on config

Was hoping someone could suggest something to help with a customer of mine…

This customer currently has seven accounts on each phone, each representing a different state they do business in. Thus, 7 extensions per phone.

They want to implement click to call and I have setup Zulu to do this and it works fine… for 1 account.

I tried to implement caller ID module and the prefix codes but Zulu doesn’t care if I use the code for caller ID management when clicking to call.

The customer wants to send a CID# from the state they are calling. And the calls from the respective states ring in on the appropriate account on each phone.

Any ideas how to make Zulu click to call work without logging out and logging in under different extensions? Maybe a better way to manage this scenario in general?

Helpful input is greatly appreciated!

I’d set up seven (more or less) outbound routes (assuming all of the folks use the same seven numbers) that match the area codes for the numbers you are sending. Save one for “everything else” and let the outbound route Caller ID handle the CID for the outbound calls.

Now, if each of the extensions has an individual Caller ID, this scheme gets unwieldy pretty fast, but if you can get the trunks to handle your calls, you should be good to go.

@cynjut I think you’re missing the issue here. Each user has 7 extensions on their desk phone. Zulu allows for one of those extensions to be used in its desktop app. The Click to Call feature is going to always connect the attempted outbound call to the Zulu extension.

So if the user wants to make an outbound call using the NY office account. It should come from that extension as the source. However, if the Zulu is attached to the FL account, the call will be sent to the FL extension and then the outbound call will be made.

Zulu doesn’t support multiple accounts it is sounding like.

It does not.

I am trying to convince them to use one CID# as the “main” number, but they think it would loose that “local” kind of feel. I agree that they shouldn’t send their 800 number as people are likely to reject the call as possible spam.

What really kills me about this scenario is what if they were calling all 50 states. Something would have to give. This can’t be the first time this situation as come up… I wonder how it is handled by others.

But yes, click to call with Zulu is the problem.

Well in your case, you would need a softphone app that supported at least 7 accounts. Or you can follow @cynjut suggestion and as long as it doesn’t matter which extension actually sources the call, the outbound routes can do it all for you. But just like he said, if each user has their own outbound CID per state, then that could get messy.

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