Digium Wildcard TE131/TE133 card can not be set to E1

Hi I think there is an issue with the wcte13xp component of the DAHDI confiscator.
My Digium Wildcard TE 133F is detected as “Digium Wildcard TE131/TE133 card 0 [1]” but when I come to configure the card it is showing T1 config and not.
When I to the Modprobe settings and take a looks at the wcte13xp (which looks to be the closest named section for my card) it is showing settings for analogue cards and PRI cards as I would have expected.
The digium manual is asking me to adjust dahdi.conf to set the card to E1 however freepbx overwrites the file and removes the config.
Is this a bug with the wcte13xp config in Modprobe settings?

I have opened a ticket in Jira http://issues.freepbx.org/browse/FREEPBX-9421

At the bottom of the modprobe settings…

Yes I have tried to enter the required settings to configure the card to E1 however what happens next is you need to reboot and when it comes back up the card has disappeared to allow you to configure further.

Other Modprobe settings have a drop down to help you configure the card as E1 but the wcte13xp looks wrong and like it is for an analogue card.

This is not behaving as I would expect for this model of Digium card

Any other thoughts?