Digium/Sangoma D80 how to read the log?

Does anyone know, what app one has to use to read the ptsr-file?

I configured the Digium D80 using xml-config files, but the presence status doesnt work. Without a log I dont know whats wrong…thanks!

Theres an option in the config file
< setting id = "enable_logging" value = "0" />

< setting id = "log_server" value = "logs.example.com" />

< setting id = "log_port" value = "514" />

Does this work with the freePBX server? What are the correct settings?

Set “enable_logging” to “1”.

Set “log_server” to point to the name or IP of your local syslog server. You may need to adjust your syslog server settings to allow for incoming log entries from your phone.

This all points back to the ‘syslogd’ process in Unix, so if you are interested, you should probably start your research there. It’s pretty straightforward once you get into it.

thanks…I already tried to configure the syslog-server on my freePBX machine. No luck, no incoming logs.

Make sure you start the syslog daemon in your startup, or turn on the syslogd service in your xinetd.conf (depending on how your log service is set up).

Next, make sure the firewall is allowing the log service port through the Integrated Firewall.

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