Digium Phones "You do not have permission to see any queues"

I’m using Digium D70 phones and under apps there is an option for ‘Call Queues’ - when I select that option I get “You do not have permission to see any queues”.

Is there a way to have the call queues populate there? I’m running FreePBX on Asterisk (Ver. 11.7.0).


Is that extension a member of any queues?

It is a member, but only as a dynamic member, not static.

If it is dynamic is it logged into the queue?

Excellent! Glad I was able to help! This community has taken great care of me over the years and it’s nice to be able to contribute back.

Thank you Mark! That was the issue.

I had the same thing - it was working in my lab environment and I see now it’s not working, but I went one step further. Go to DPMA -> Phone Applications -> Queues -> Edit the queue you want and add the desired extension as a manager.

See if that does it for you.

I had that problem when I was first experimenting with the phone and I can’t remember what changed. Were the queues built after the phone was configured?

It can login to the queue, but even after being logged in - it can’t see the queues through the app (have to use *45).

Thanks for the help Mark, the queues were built before the phones were configured/installed. I did just update one of the phones to the latest firmware and have the same issue. I know this worked in our dev environment, but don’t know why its not working now. Unfortunately we wiped our dev environment clean when we started creating the production one (stupid, I know)