Digium Phones won't server config with EPM & DPMA

FreepPBX 15
Asterisk 17

Trying to get digium D65 to configure using DHPC option 66, EPM and DPMA with VPN.

Everything seems to be set correctly except even though I have the phone’s mac configured in both the PJSIP extensions setting and in extension mapping in EPM, when the phone boots up it still asks me to “select your name and extension”

With the mac address set in the extension mapping shouldn’t it grab the config automatically?

Yes. What is the option 66 string you’re using?

sip:[email protected]:5060

which is what is set in the DPMA Management settings. It’s definitely finding the server and pulling down the configs as it gives me a list of extensions to choose from.

The odd part in that is that they are all listed as “assigned” so I have to filter the list on the phone to show the assigned extensions and pick the proper one.

With the mac assignment it should do this automaically.

ok, it’s just gotten much worse. Now I’ve somehow managed to brick two brand new out of the box D65’s simply by trying to register them. I have NO FIRMWARE set and when I selected the extension it tries to grab firmware, never gets past 0% and then tells me the firmware update failed, retry or reboot.

Again I have no firmware set on the profile.

I hit reboot and the phone simply enters a loop where it gets the Digium splash screen, goes through stages 1 - 8 and then stalls and reboots again…

HI @ashcortech

Can you open a support ticket please. We have no reports of behavior like this and need to know what’s going on. Open a ticket under the PHONE category.

Lorne, I’d love to but it’s a D series phone and the support ticket system won’t take the D series mac addresses so it won’t let me open a ticket. I’ve called my account rep but got his voicemail.

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