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Since upgrading to 12.x beta, I have 10 ‘unsigned’ modules, one of them the Digium Phones (DPMA?) module. Now, none of my digium phones are displaying any information from phone books, either the default ‘internal phone book’ or any custom ones. Should I roll back to the 2.x version I was using? I know y’all are probably working hard to resolve this issue, but we are going live with freepbx in 2 weeks, and I am losing critical testing and deployment time waiting for resolution of these ‘10’ module warnings.

I know, I know, I probably shouldn’t be going with a ‘beta’ before a live rollout, but I did not want to have to do an upgrade after going live.

Advice would be appreciated.

You’re probably hitting this:


That didn’t work for me. We can close this thread, I’m going to have to go back to 2.x.

You gave us less than 2 hours to fix it

Okay then, I’ll give you some time. I"m just scared since I only have 2 weeks to get everything ready for a rollout, you know?

And besides, my backups apparently aren’t viable either (thanks, sysadmin). I’ll have to rebuild from scratch if I do.

Any module that is not from FreePBX will show as unsigned in FreePBX 12. Its a new security feature so only core FreePBX modules that are put out by the FreePBX project can be signed. As far as your phonebook issue not sure on that one.

Thanks Tony. Okay, so if the modules get updated and the functionality fixed, they could work properly, but still be ‘unsigned’ with they orange alert. I can live with that. Am I reading that correctly?


Not sure what modules you have installed that are unsigned

I’m not even sure what most of these do, but here ya go:

You have 10 unsigned modules
Module: Bulk DIDs is unsigned
Module: PHPAGI Config is unsigned
Module: PHP Info is unsigned
Module: Extension Settings is unsigned
Module: Asterisk CLI is unsigned
Module: iSymphony is unsigned
Module: Digium Phones Config is unsigned
Module: Wake Up Calls is unsigned
Module: Directory Pro is unsigned
Module: IVR Pro is unsigned

Amazing Andrew. You fixed it. A’freakin’mazing. Thank you sir!

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to get rid of the security notices, run from the cli:

amportal a ma refreshsignatures