Digium phones in ring group do not stop ringing after call answered

I have just installed a Asterisk NOW(FreeBPX) system. We have about 20 phones and one Snom PA. When users are paged or the call is sent to a ring group and the page is hung up or the ring group is answered some of the Digium phones do not stop ringing.The phones that continue to ring change every time the problem occurs. Usually there are bout 5-10 of them still ringing. The are all running the same firmware(1_4_2_0_63880) and they are all configured the same way. When the phantom ringing phone is answered it realizes there is not a caller and the phone stops ringing. Any ideas on why the system would be doing this? How would I go about diagnosing this issue?

My server is up to date. All phones are powered by a Netgear 24 port POE switch. We have 1 D70, 6 D50, and 13 D40’s all models have the same issue.


Unless the phones are getting a CANCEL and ignoring it, I don’t know what the problem could be.

If Alice uses the Page application to page both Bob and Charlie, then Bob and Charlie will continue to ring (you’d probably want to do auto-answers on Bob and Charlie for a real “page”) until Alice hangs up the call. Even if Bob answers the page, Charlie’s going to continue to ring. Even if Bob hangs up after answering the page, Charlie’s going to continue to ring. Once Alice hangs up, then everyone (including Charlie) still ringing will get a CANCEL and will stop ringing.

If Alice uses the Dial application to dial both Bob and Charlie, then Bob and Charlie will both ring until someone answers the call. Once either Bob or Charlie answers the call, Asterisk will send a CANCEL to the party that didn’t answer the call.

Do you see Asterisk sending CANCEL to the phone and the phone ignoring it and continuing to ring?


I do not see an “Auto-answer” option. I see an “Internal Auto Answer” within extensions but that just makes the call extension auto answer if the call is internal.

I would like it to work like this:
When “00” is dialed(Page number) all phones auto answer then when the pager hangs up all phones hang up. This seems to be working kind of. Some of the phones take up to 30 seconds to hang up.

When a phone I called it rings the front desk first for 7 seconds. Then it goes to the ring group(600) and rings all phones. When anyone picks up the call I want all phone’s to stop ringing.

I have tried it with a ring group and follow me. Is there a different way to get this to work?

Also Im not sure where to look for the “Cancel” message. When in the asterisk CLI using “asterisk -vvvvvr” the only command I see like that is “Hangup”

Sorry for being such a noob at this :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m not familiar with any high-level FreePBX options, I’m can only speak to lower-level Asterisk and phone things.

If a phone continues to ring when it shouldn’t, check the SIP traces to see if a CANCEL was sent by Asterisk, or not.
If a phone remains on a call when it shouldn’t, check the SIP traces to see if a BYE was sent by Asterisk, or not.

We don’t have any open issues regarding the phones not respecting CANCEL or BYE messages. Without a pcap indicating otherwise, this doesn’t seem like a phone problem. It could be a network issue (dropped packets), or some Asterisk-related issue (application or SIP-channel problem), or it could be something that’s implementation-specific (due to dialplan). Were I you, I’d start by getting packet captures to see if the proper SIP methods are being sent at the right times, or not.


SIP traces show that the phones were getting sent the CANCEL message but they were not sending and ACK message back. Would this be setting in the Digium phones?


Contact Digium’s Support department. They’re going to want to verify that the CANCEL was received by the phone.

When Asterisk sends a CANCEL to the phone for an INVITE, the phone should respond with a 200 OK followed by a 487 Request Terminated.