Digium Phones Date and Time

Hello. I have just installed AsteriskNow 11 with FreePBX. I have all the extensions created, trunks created, routes done.

I am using DPMA to provision my Digium phones. For some reason that I cannot figure out, the date and time show Dec 31st. The date and time/timezone are correct on my CentOS server. I have checked in the Digium Phones section in FreePBX and set the correct timezone there, restarted the server and phones, but it still shows Dec31st.

Anyone seen this before? How and where can I manage the time for these phones?


I should add that I have an 8 port Digium analog card for my trunks and the server has 2 NICs. eth0 is configured as The phones register to the server through this IP. eth1 is configured as which is my LAN so that I can connect to the server remotely.

I have modified the “Networks” in the Digium Phones section in FreePBX so that the phones look to for everything - registration, time, etc