Digium Phones - BLF and Customization

Success! :slight_smile:

I have removed the blank=“0” and hey presto it worked. This SmartBLF feature is a powerful feature. As you say it is important to note that the PHP was used purely for diagnosis and not to be recommended for production use.

There is definitely a bug within the FreePBX Module as the

gives a 403 error when accessed. I put the working XML back there and it wouldn’t have any of it.

I had to change (hack) line 3310 (or there abouts) to:

$n[‘settings’][‘file_url_prefix’] = “”;

I also had to create a contacts-1.xml file manually and store that in it’s usual home:
After every reload in asterisk I over wrote this file with my own custom one (again just a hack).

There are a few other changes I had to make to the files so that the module produces the phone config file with the required settings like the blf_items= etc.

Note: I’m using and the phones must have the 1.4 firmware installed.

The wiki is your bible, hopefully someone out there will benefit from this thread. with abit more work on the GUI these phones will be a game changer IMHO.

An idea for a feature, on the ring=“1” it would be nice to be able to ring the local phone for a determined time. So when “beep” is set for example it just beeps once and not over and over again.

Thank you Malcolm for your help, appreciated.


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Huzzah! :smiley:

Is the 403 error because you’re using FreePBX distro and it wants https instead of http?

And, yeah, we had plans to provide a ringing timeout for the indications, but it didn’t make the cut. I don’t know that we’ll get back around to that in the short term, either, unfortunately…lots of other fun things to do :smiley:

Hi Malcolm,

My FreePBX has no https access, i’m not entirely sure what’s causing the 403 error just yet. I’m installing CentOS on a VM to compile asterisk from source and try it again at the moment to see if it’s a distro issue.

I will be making changes to the freePBX module to pull in custom XML files (contact and BLF) from external files this week. I dont know if having the option to supply custom XML for the contact XML could be a feature in future module updates?

I do admit it would be cool to have a chime on a BLF status change. hopefully it will make an appearance at some point down the line.

I am on the latest firmware and have the buttons doing almost exactly what I want finally. This is currently a lab setup. I need to become a master of these before I pull the plug on the legacy PBX that I am currently running alongside FreePBX.

I am getting closer!

It is a lab VM right now so if you are willing to share I’d like to see what you did to make it work the way you wanted.

I would also like to see what you did.
especially how to “convince” blf_items=myblfitems.xml to showup in .conf
I cant seem to get the phone to download it even if i manually add it to .conf and reconfigure the phone (without pressing the red button).

and as far as blf_items - contact id… if i have n contacts that should have the same behaviour they can have the same id and one blf_items entry. am I understanding this correctly?

I was wrong about the Id. looks like only option is unique. otherwise only one shows up.