Digium phones and remote connectivity


Having some issues connecting Digium phones remotely. I’ve opened up the ports in the firewall as per many articles (and then some), but the phone sees the server, then times out at the proxy when getting user lists. I had removed the phones from EndPoint Manager earlier to avoid some other issues internally, but will I need to use EPM instead of DPMA for phone configs for the remote phones? Both? Only EPM? Or am I barking up the wrong tree altogether?

I’m experiencing different levels of depth for different users, some only contact the proxy then timeout on downloading sip info, others can pull down the registration info but no ability to call out.

FYI we cannot set up a VPN for each remote phone. I’ve googled the crap out of this subject and have tried everything. Maybe y’all can help.

UPDATE: Brought home a polycom, plugged it in, put in username and password, connected without issues and is working fine. So, definitely a digium configuration issue.

I have a D70 at home and it was plug-n-play. No ports open at all for it. This likely depends on your users firewall.

Did you try the digium phone on your home network that the polycom is on.

We’ve been trying D50’s in 3 different locations, none of them work. Polycom works fine. "Timed out contacting proxy’ is the what I’m getting now. I can see the request come in through asterisk -rvvvvvv. … hmmm…

Okay… I set up the remote network in digium phones (ip.ip.ip.0/16), Removed the ‘deny’ ip’s from the extension itself, reset the password on the extension, and modified the SIP setting on the phone. Bam. Done.