Digium Phones and On Demand Recording

Just want to verify that if I use the soft key on a digium phone to start on demand call recording, that won’t associate the recorded file with the CDR’s properly and therefore I won’t be able to see it in the FreePBX web interface correct?

I must use *1 the code to toggle recording on and off for on demand recording.

I would say that’s probably true. The one-touch recording is handled by DPMA, which hooks into the guts of Asterisk to perform a MixMonitor on the call and then it drops the resultant file into the Cust5 voicemail folder of the phone that performed the recording, so that it can be retrieved from the Msgs app on the phone.


No prob

Has anyway been discovered to add an on demand recording button to the interface when using digium phones with freepbx?

Unless otherwise defined, the in-call on demand recording would expect a *1 sent from the phone while in a call.

Pressing *1 does work, but I can’t figure out how to add a button to the digium phones as there is no option to send dtmf tones that I can find when adding a button.

So pressing two buttons instead of one is too onerous for your users ?

Perhaps that’s more an HR problem.