Digium phones and freepbx


I am not sure if anyone can help me but I will try. I just got D40 digium phone. I have connected it to asterisk(Ver. and freepbx( I also have a softphone connected to the same asterisk server.

Here is the problem. When i dial soft phone from digium phone, i hear static on D40. However, soft phone has no static. Anything i say into D40 comes out and i can hear it on softphone. However, anything i say into softphone gets lost in the static on D40 end. I am thinking maybe there is some outbound codec issue, where anything delivered to D40 phone gets decoded improperly. Where as any outbound attempt goes through well.

Please help.

Did you manage to get this resolved? I’m considering a built using 7 D40 phones and FreePBX and am researching any potential pitfalls before I take the plunge. Hopefully this is a local problem that can be easily fixed.

FreePBX does not support the phones via the endpoint manager, but other than that they look like any other phone from a FreePBX perspective.

The phones require a special version of Asterisk.

I have all 3 models of the Digium phones.

There are SIP phones and will work with Asterisk. As skyking said there is no support in EPM at this time.

The phones will work as standard SIP phones with existing versions of Asterisk. You need the -phones version of Asterisk to use the advanced/propriety features such as visual voice mail. You also need to get the free license of the DPMA to use the advanced features.


I have used the phones with Switchvox (we are a Switchvox reseller) and they are really easy to setup.