Digium phone ring tones

I have a client with about 8 phones very close to each other. All 8 ring in a queue and is super annoying so the girls turn down the speaker on all but 2 of them. Fixes that but then they do not hear any intercom calls directed to them individually. If I take some phones out of the ring group, then they can not answer the calls so that is not an option.

On the Digium phones, is there a way to make the ringer be silent, yet leave the speaker turned up so intercom alerts and intercom conversations be heard?

I can think of a couple of different schemes that you can try.

The first is to set each phone so that it only rings when it is called individually and set all of the phones so they are in the same answer-group. This way, the phone will ring on the individual’s desk, and if someone isn’t at their station, a quick “group call pickup” (* 21?) shortcut can be programmed on a button to answer the call.

Another scheme would be to set the phones up with Find Me/Follow Me. Let the phone on the desk ring for 10 seconds, then ring the rest of the phones in the “group” if that person doesn’t answer.

Choosing a quieter ring tone might help too, but I’m not sure how to do that specific thing with these phones. Others - sure, Digium - not so much, sorry.

Finally, you can mess around with the different “Alert Info” settings for the phone - no ring tone for the group (except one phone) and the rest ring only when they are called directly, or even an under-chin auto-answer page instead of ringing. That way, they can turn down the ringing and leave the call volume and get the call when it is specifically for one of them.

If they’ve headsets, maybe the ring_headset_only option is what you’re after? It’ll play ringing tones out the headset-attached device/port only, not the phone’s loudspeaker.


Ring the phone, for some cases, with an Alert Info header for which the phone has mapped an Alert with a ring_type of "visual"
That’ll cause it to only show alerting, but not play a tone.

See - https://wiki.asterisk.org/wiki/pages/viewpage.action?pageId=36802166#XMLConfiguration2.2.1.4+-Alerts:Childelementof

How to affect such ringing via FreePBX, I couldn’t say, sorry.

I would strongly recommend using headsets in this use case.