Digium phone provisioned but not with dpma

So here is the problem. We were given a system someone backed out of. Its using digium phones on an AsteriksNow pbx. The phones are pulling the config from the phone server, we think, but dpma is not enabled. EPM has template for a polycom phones, not being used by any extension, and a template for vvx600_w_sidecar, being used on only 4 extensions. We cant access digium web UI because its been disabled by default. When you factory reset, phone, and it reboots, its pulling config from someplace and using a server ip address, initially configured on the phones. We changed the address of the phone server, but can’t change address that phones are looking for.
The phones don’t work, stopped working yesterday, so we need a solution to get this company up and running again.


NO help is needed on this topic.

I’m a little confused. You are using AsteriskNow or FreePBX?

Anyhow, it seems like option 66 wasn’t changed to the new address.

There’s a lot of confusing stuff in this original post, and I didn’t have time to try and figure it out yesterday.

IIRC, AsteriskNOW was (or maybe is) a derivative of FreePBX, so it makes sense that the OP is here.

Which Digium phones? Remember, we aren’t Digium here - Sangoma is the corporate partner. We (as a user community) support FreePBX and pretty much anything that connects to it.

DPMA is a Digium product, so whether or not it’s enabled is really not a FreePBX thing. EPM (and you didn’t say which EPM, OSS or Commercial) being enabled may or may not be pertinent to this discussion.

The reason I say that is because of the way phones get configured. There are several pieces, all of which may or may not move independently.

  • DHCP (or, in some edge cases, BOOTP) is used to configure the phone’s basic “nature”. This includes the the IP addresses for the phones and the PBX, basic network structure, and pointers on where to download firmware and configuration. You need to look into which DHCP system you are using (DNSMASQ or ISC-DHCP are both places to start looking).
  • One the phone’s basic config is set up, the phone downloads software from the /tftpboot directory (assuming the provisioning service is set up to use TFTP) and the phone will download files that it thinks are important. These usually include things like the base configuration for your class of phones and an extension specific phone config. Now, having said that, the files in the /tftpboor directory are usually hand-editable, in that you don’t need EPM to manage them. It is, of course, preferable, since the doing-it-by-hand thing eventually sucks.
  • So, at this point the phone has pulled it’s config from the server and is ready to connect. Most (if not all) of the important information the phone needs to have will be loaded into the phone. This info has to match the info in the extension configuration of the server.

At this point, there are at least three possible problems, and the information you’ve given us isn’t nearly enough to be able to help you. That’s part of the reason no one has.

What we need from you is log information and some checks for basic functionality.

Log into the server as ‘root’ and try running ‘asterisk -vr’. This will connect you with the Asterisk server (which FreePBX manages). If you can connect, power cycle one of the phones and see what the console says.

At this point the only thing we really know from you is that your stuff is broken. There’s no way that we can really help you unless you can be more specific about what the actual problems are. Paste in error messages or log excerpts

Depending on how your network is configured, it should pull an address from the DHCP server, which passes along Option 66, which tells the phone where to pull the rest of the config. That information should all be on your DHCP server. Also, the ‘/var/log/messages’ file should be showing you what information is being pulled from the server, which you should be able to edit.

SUPPORT, please delete this topic. I fixed the broken system w/o knowing how it was originally set up.

Since some took the time to try and help, you should post how you fixed it.

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