Digium Phone Module backup / restore to new PBX (FPBX 15)

I am trying to upgrade a FreePBX13 box to a FreePBX 15 box. New installation of FreePBX15, and I’m using the built in backup and restore functionality in FreePBX. Everything came over smoothly, except for the Digium Phone Module configuration. (DPMA) Does anyone know how to get this configuration restored to a new PBX?

The original development was happening when “digium phones” was considered community maintained. This was prior to Sangoma buying digium. The module does not support 15.0 backup/restore. The information is probably in the backup it just doesn’t have a handler.

You can put in a bug report at https://issues.freepbx.org

You may also consider using the commercial EPM which should be free for all digium and sangoma phones and now supports the DPMA stuff.

Thanks James. So how do I go about getting the commercial EPM for free? Or can I manually copy/paste configuration files for the Digium phone stuff?

I think if your on the distro and activated you just install it (if it isn’t installed already) it should allow have 2 brands available Digium and Sangoma

OK. Making progress. I installed that module. Now I just need to get my data in there from the old PBX. Do you know of a manual way to do so? Like copying/pasting config files?

in theory completely untested you can probably drop the following file in to /var/www/admin/modules/digium_phones and run restore. This will trigger an unsigned module warning.

Well, I’ll try it! Your warning has been received. :slight_smile: I will report back. Thanks!

EPM Works well for me, but how do you get phonebooks to Digium phones? I have tried adding contacts via Contact Manager then assigning them to extensions, but nothing is assigned to the phones.

@lgaetz may know this. I left before this integration happened.

We just converted from FreePBX13 to FreePBX15 Distro a few months ago and use digium phones. I had looked at End Point Manager, but we were changing enough different things with the migration(going to distro from manual install, going from chan_sip to PJSIP, plus several other things), I felt better continuing to use the “digium phones” module since we were so familiar with it. Also it was a few months before they did their most recent update for Digium Phones and the EPM.

I noticed that none of the digium_phones tables data came over, so I just dumped it from the older server and imported it myself on the new one.

On old server
mysqldump -uusername -ppassword asterisk --tables digium_phones_device_logos digium_phones_device_networks digium_phones_device_phonebooks digium_phones_device_settings digium_phones_devices digium_phones_extension_settings
digium_phones_general digium_phones_lines digium_phones_logos digium_phones_network_settings digium_phones_networks digium_phones_phonebook_entries digium_phones_phonebook_entry_settings digium_phones_phonebooks
digium_phones_ringtones | gzip > digium_phones.contents.gz

scp the file to the new server, Then on the new server
gunzip < digium_phones.contents.gz | mysql -uusername -ppassword asterisk

Lastly, I didn’t want to put the old firmware file on the new server for the digium phones, but also didn’t want to upgrade them right away, so I deleted all of the “firmware_package_id” records from digium_phones_device_settings after import so they had no firmware specified.(we later put in the latest firmware and upgraded them all)

Hope this helps if you decide to continue to use the Digium Phones module.

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I would prefer to use EPM. Is there a way to send phonebooks to Digium phones? (Mostly D40,D70)

You can add a Contact Manager XML App, that will allow you to browse contacts on the phone.

This is a script, which reads the contact manager entries and writes a xml file the Digiums can handle. You just have to add a cron job (every night or so) or execute it manually. In the EPM manager there is a section called base file editing (or similar), there you have to add the path to the phonebook xml file.

I am not much of a developer, however I have written a python script to export the contacts to XML which I am happy to share. Where would I put the XML address book for Digium phones to collect if I am using EPM? /tftpboot seems to have potential?

Charles_Darwin: I am limited to 3 replies here? -
I can’t find base file editing option for Digium phones. The old Digium module doesn’t seem to work correctly under FreePBX 15. Mostly works but logos and phonebooks seem to be ignored.

You misunderstand, The Phone Apps module provides a Contacts app and supports D phones (D80 is still pending) and S phones.

Digium phones config module has its own phonebook, which is very basic only. If you want to use all features, you have to deactivate the easy-mode in the Digium config module and use xml-config files (advanced DPMA).
Since the EPM was updated recently, it possibly is the better choice in the future. I haven’t tested it yet. Base file editing should be available in EPM

I just dont know if you can provide a path to your phonebook file.

@jdennis Your procedure worked perfect with one exception. I cannot get visual voicemail to work at all. When I press the msg button on the phone, On some phones, it displays the message folders, and sometimes it does not do anything. When it DOES show the folders, when you try to play the message, it just goes back to the message screen. Is there another setting that needs configured to have visual voicemail work properly?

Never mind. I figured it out. I had to downgrade the digium module as suggested here: Asterisk 16.15 DPMA 3.6.0 And Visual Voice Mail Not Working

and then restart FreePBX. All is well for now.

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