Digium Phone Config modules

Hi guys this is my current version of FreePBX System

FreePBX Base Version: 2.8.1
FreePBX Framework Version:
FreePBX Core Version:

now the issue is i was able to add Register Digium products and activate the license of DPMA

  • The part of the problem is when i check the freePBX modules online it wont see any Digium Phone config modules at all. So how do i add up this modules with FreePBX somehow so i can proceed with Digium Iphones configuration.Thanks a lot

Digium Phone Config Module is not available on FreePBX 2.8 You’ll have to get to at least 2.10


Thanks for your prompt reply, is it possible i can upgrade to that version coming from my existing version now…?

Are you running Elastix?

Yes, Im using Elastix, but i dont know the version, how do i check it…?

Or is there any other way i can install the module manually…? or manually upgrade my FeePBX on elastix…?

You can not upgrade FreePBX versions on Elastix without major issues. This is a limitation of Elastix.

Oh, ok…coz the upgrade process on my end now somehow went through, but im not sure if there will be issue as you said…for sure you have tested far long. Im hoping no issue which would be rare for sure…i will last try before to do freePBX only… does elastix don’t have latest freePBX version…?