Digium Licenses and HA?


How does the Digium licensing work in relation to the HA Module? I know for FreePBX all nodes need their own licenses of everything but not sure about Digium like g729.

Digium licences are associated to the MAC addresses of the NICs. First I thought I should buy and register licences for each node but then I noticed the license with the Host ID is placed in /var/lib/asterisk/licenses/ which is part of drdb so I am wondering what happens after a failover and the MAC addresses change, or does the license file registers the MAC addresses of both nodes?

Some clarification on this would be really appreciated so we can plan out licence purchase…


Ok, I figured this out, you do need a licence for each module, basically you register the license for a node then failover and register the licence for the other, both nodes work fine and each node uses it own licence.

A little more technical answer: I realized even though /var/lib/asterisk its part of drdb the licenses directory is actually a link to a local directory outside drdb so each node only sees its own licence files. This means than when you backup the licences using the “Digium Modules” module, make sure you do it from all nodes so as the backup will contain only the licenses for the node that is active.

BTW, although the “Digium Modules” has a “Install” button, I’m not sure what that does, I had to install the codec_g729a.so manually following Digium installation instructions, on each node.