Digium FXO card vs. standalone gateway (e.g. audiocodecs MP-1xx)?

Just wondering, which is better when setting up something like say a small business?

The main thing is they want to have 4 copper/FXO lines so which is generally a better practice?


With digium cards, its loaded right away on start of DAHDI and it normally just works well too. Less complicated/dramatic :slight_smile:

I would hardly call a gateway “dramatic” to install or configure.

The advantage of a gateway is you can have a backup machine that also uses the same gateway. The phones can also be programmed to send 911 direct to gateway.

can anyone recommend a decent gateway with at least 1 FXO and 1 FXS port? Just want something to play with, I’ve seen some Audicodec recommendations and I’m keeping an eye on them on Ebay right now but they’re pretty pricey right now.

for that an ebay spa3102 complete with g729 and less than $40