Digium Free Fax for Asterisk Add-on (Digium Add-ons 2.11.03)

I was recently notified that we are no longer receiving faxes through our AsteriskNOW 3.0 (Asterisk 11.5.1) PBX. The call comes through, and the fax machine indicates ‘receiving’, but the call is dropped part way through 100% of the time.

We use a SIP trunk into our Asterisk PBX, and the analog fax machine is connected to the PBX via a Linksys SPA8000 SIP ATA.

Faxes previously worked fine, and I suspect the issue is due to the recent upgrade of the Digium Add-ons module for FreePBX. Has anyone else experienced these issues?

The add-ons module does nothing more than manage the licenses attached to digium products. You should try to determine if your license is still working.

There’s no reason for it not to be working, but how do I verify that? Also, I noticed my Free Fax for Asterisk says “Max Registrations”… not sure what that means

Section 2.8, Verify Installation should help.

Max Registrations means you’ve reached the max # of times for that key that you can perform a registration.

Is your hardware changing? The Fax for Asterisk is tied to your hardware meaning, NIC, CPU, Memory, Hard Drives and such. If this changes the license gets de-activated.

No hardware changes, and verification of license status checks out OK. I just noticed though, when a fax comes in, I see this repeatedly in the Asterisk console during transmission:
WARNING[2229][C-00000060]: res_rtp_asterisk.c:3488 ast_rtp_read: RTP Read too short

How embarrassing… I was testing T38 functionality the other day, and forgot to disable it when I was done. Once I disabled it, faxes started working again. Thanks for your help guys.

No Problem! Glad you got it working!