Digium Fax For Asterisk (res_fax) works great for DIDs Fax 2 Email, but ... what about T.38 conversion?

Here’s the setup, Asterisk 1.6, FreePBX 2.9 latest RC., DAHDI trunk, Digium Fax module + 4 licenses

The Digium Fax documentation is there, but its Asterisk level scripting based. I am looking for a FreePBX solution, albeit perhaps I need some custom extensions/scripting within … etc.

So, I use DAHDI fax detection on the DIDs, which works great, and under FreePBX I can enable Fax 2 Email on the corresponding Extension. I can monitor the fax transaction via Asterisk CLI, I can look at stats etc. They all work flawlessly.

What I’m trying to accomplish is faxing over to regular fax machines. Currently I have a Grandstream ATA device configured as an extension, and the corresponding DID forwarding directly to the extension. So in other words, its passthru, and logically it comes in over DHADI and gets forwarded to the ATA over IP, then passed thru to the Fax. Its pretty reliable so far, haven’t done extensive testing, but the only reason for its reliability is probably VLAN and QoS, and of course because I’m using a DAHDI trunk versus SIP trunk.

From what I’ve noticed just snooping around, the Digium Fax module is capable of converting the incoming G.711 channel to T.38, which would be ideal! Because the Grandstream ATA supports T.38.

So currently the setup is:
Incoming FAX to DAHDI channel -> Asterisk PBX -> DAHDI/SIP bridge -> IP transport to Grandstream ATA -> Fax Machine

I would like it to be:
Incoming FAX to DAHDI channel -> Asterisk PBX -> Digium Fax Virtual Modem (module inside Asterisk) T.38 converted -> IP transport to Grandstream ATA -> Convert T.38 to analog -> Fax Machine
Any thoughts and insight will be much appreciated.