Digium Fax For Asterisk + FreePBX 2.5?


Previously, I was using FreePBX 2.5, SpanDSP 0.0.4pre16 and agx-ast-addons to provide incoming fax (shared with voice per DID with fax detection via NVFaxDetect). It generally worked OK, but we have had some reliability problems with SpanDSP, so I’m looking into some other options for receiving faxes.

I was looking into NoojeeFax, but couldn’t find any info on how it’s integrated with FreePBX (is it?)

I obtained an solitary open source free license for Digium’s new Fax for Asterisk from http://www.digium.com/en/products/software/faxforasterisk.php .
I’ve got it installed, but I’m not sure if/how this can integrate with FreePBX.

I’m not sure if I need to modify my FreePBX dialplan for FFA vs. SpanDSP or exactly how it knows to route the fax through FFA instead of SpanDSP.

The manual for FFA is available here: http://docs.digium.com/FAX/fax_for_asterisk_admin_manual.pdf

I would appreciate ANY help offered…


You should be able to place new code in extensions_custom.conf such as

;exten => s,1,Set(LOCALHEADERINFO=“Rx Fax Page %P Time: %H:%M To: %I From: %r”)
;exten => s,3,Set(FAXFILE=${ASTSPOOLDIR}/fax/Ext-${ARG1}-${UNIQUEID}.tif)
;exten => s,4,Set(EMAILADDR=${FAX_RX_EMAIL})
;exten => s,5,PIKARxFax(${FAXFILE})
;exten => s,6,NoOp(${REMOTESTATIONID})
;exten => s,7,NoOp(${FAXPAGES})
;exten => s,8,NoOp(${FAXBITRATE})
;exten => s,9,NoOp(${FAXRESOLUTION})
;exten => s,103,Set(EMAILADDR=${FAX_RX_EMAIL})
;exten => s,104,Goto(3)

Just adjust the code as per the Digium samples for their fax app.

I had to do this when we were using PIKA fax. This will override the macro_faxreceive in the standard extensions.conf

You can continue to use NVfaxdetect or the like to do fax detection via the FreePBX GUI.

Will give this a try. Thanks for the quick response.

BTW, what are people doing for outgoing fax? I would like my users to be able to email their scanned fax docs to a [email protected] and have it processed out a particular Zap/DAHDI channel.

For inbound and outbound fax, I have had great success using iaxmodem tied into Avantfax (http://www.avantfax.com). This can live on the same machine as Asterisk/FreePBX, or you can have it live on a separate machine (so as to not bog down your phone system if you do LOTS of faxing).